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In this section you can find information about our approach and experience in quality assurance of the projects that we work on.
One of the first lessons of working on software projects was that we needed dedicated QA personnel, to perform testing of intermediate and final releases of each product, in a clean system environment and separately from developers, who have spent a lot of time on the product and therefore can overlook some possible issues or scenarios.

As our working process matured, we expanded the role of Quality Assurance to participate in all stages of product development, by analysing the requirement and writing test cases and test plans in parallel or even before the development starts, based on the specifications the customer has agreed with.

Also the Quality Assurance team is an integral part of our support services, by reproducing the issues our customers are reporting, and by double-checking the validity of the logic and the deployment procedure of the hot-fixes in environment that correspond to the customer’s production environment as close as possible.

Using Google services (Wave, Docs) in daily QA process

Using Google services (Wave, Docs) in daily QA processThere are many organizational difficulties facing small to medium Software Quality Assurance (QA) teams. Because of this, we welcome any help to simplify this work and make assignment, communication and reporting more reliable. Tools are not the silver bullet, yet with a responsible team the right tools can make a lot of difference. Read on to see how we started using Google’s toolkit (namely, Google Wave and Google Docs) in our daily QA and general development practices, as described by Dmitriy Boltovskiy, our QA team lead.

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