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We have a very skillful and experienced team, while the customer has a problem, solving which would improve their business.

In order to provide a high quality and timely solution to the customer’s problem, we need to ensure good communication between the customer’s experts and our team. To achieve this we concentrate on understanding the customer issue, describing the proposed solution and communicating our plans and progress to the customer, before the development starts and at any stage in the development process.

In this section you can find out the different methods and processes that we use in order to ensure that no georgraphical, language or cultural barrier stands in the way of achieving a success in our customer’s projects.

Using Google services (Wave, Docs) in daily QA process

Using Google services (Wave, Docs) in daily QA processThere are many organizational difficulties facing small to medium Software Quality Assurance (QA) teams. Because of this, we welcome any help to simplify this work and make assignment, communication and reporting more reliable. Tools are not the silver bullet, yet with a responsible team the right tools can make a lot of difference. Read on to see how we started using Google’s toolkit (namely, Google Wave and Google Docs) in our daily QA and general development practices, as described by Dmitriy Boltovskiy, our QA team lead.

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Pricing, estimation: How NOT to

Last December, we decided to redesign our website, and, due to lack of resources, wanted to hire and external shop to do it for us. After the requirement discussions and resulting budget calculation, we decided to design and implement our website ourselves. Yet some lessons were learned, which I would like to share below.

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