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Issue connecting to Oracle 9 from a .Net application

Connecting to Oracle from .NetWhat do you do when, connecting to Oracle 9 using standard DB client from .Net, an error message informs you that at least Oracle version 8.1.7 or higher is needed? We did encounter such a problem while working on a project. Thankfully, after some searching and asking, a solution could be found — read on if you are looking for an answer too.

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Birth of an icon, steps

Sometimes all you need is a correct tool. Hammer, for instance.As we posted earlier, after looking for another company that could redesign our site, we decided to do it ourselves. Developing HTML/CSS, configuring a CMS (Joomla, in the case of this site) was not a problem for us. Yet this also involved development of visual style and graphical elements, which we, being a mostly software development and QA team, don’t do too often.

Yet it seems that with the right ideas, boldness and perseverance, anything becomes possible.

This article explains the thinking behind the icons used on the frontpage of this site, as well as the steps of creating such an icon.

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